Vets Race The Clock To Save Injured Pup–They Don't Know What's Wrong Until They Make A Horrid Discovery

When Nugget, a sweet and friendly dog was found barely clinging to life on the mean streets of New York City, rescuers took the pup to a local shelter in the hopes of saving her. Her blood pressure was perilously low, and when they examined her she wasn’t even able to move.

Then they made a shocking discovery.

Some cruel person had shot her.

Image by Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs via Facebook

Vets knew this Pup didn’t have time on her side

The bullet did a horrifying amount of damage. Nugget’s injuries were so severe that the rescuers realized the poor pup shouldn’t even have survived.

“The bullet blasted through practically every major organ in her body,” the shelter, Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs wrote in a statement. “Went through her abdomen, chest diaphragm, spleen, gall bladder, intestine, and now remains lodged in her liver.”

Nugget’s rescuers knew that removing the bullet could have dire consequences.

“The bullet needs to remain in the liver,” they concluded, “should it be attempted to be pulled out…it would kill her.”

However, the sweet pup remained gentle and loving

Fortunately, Blue Pearl, a specialty pet hospital was able to perform the delicate surgery. All her injured organs were repaired, but poor little Nugget was still in critical condition.

She was microchipped, but her owner didn’t want her anymore and showed no concern about the tragedy that befell this beautiful dog.

Image by Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs via Facebook

However, ever since then things have been looking up for Nugget, and the shelter has kept her Facebook followers updated. She was so happy to have people looking after her.

“Throughout this entire ordeal, the ACO reported how incredibly sweet and grateful Nugget was when she was put into the truck, and how her tail never stopped wagging despite her injuries,” the shelter posted.

The road to recovery for this pup was far from smooth

Her surgery was successful, but the first medications made her sick and they had to be changed. After that, she stopped vomiting and she’s growing stronger day by day. Staff at Blue Pearl continue to be delighted at her loving demeanor.

Moreover, in a recent, um, pupdate, the rescuers say she’s eating well and feeling better. However, they have one special requirement for the new owner who adopts her.

“There is something very in-particular we will be looking for from her future adopter. When she is medically cleared in a month, we will adopt her out to someone who will be careful with her heart. She has had enough selfish people in her life, and we are not looking to add on another one.”

Very clearly, Nugget deserves to be handled with care.

“She deserves to have someone be very mindful of her and put her feelings first…not an afterthought. This picture is from today; it is difficult not to fall in love with her.”

Image by Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs via Facebook

Indeed Nugget is a dog you can tell your troubles to on your very worst day. She’ll certainly understand.

Featured image by Second Chance NYC Dogs via Facebook.

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