Video of blind, abandoned dog playing in first snow will melt even the coldest heart

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We all know that every single dog is precious and wonderful. However, we also know that, now and then, an extraordinary dog comes around. A dog so special that no matter what’s going on, seeing him would make you feel better. Just in case you have the winter blues, we want you to see a very smiley video that will melt your heart into a million happy gooey pieces.


We are delighted to introduce to you Smiley the Blind Therapy Dog. Smiley was a Golden Retriever who was born in a puppy mill with no eyes. He spent the first two years of his life at that horrible place waiting to be euthanized.

smiley photo of blind dog with huge smile on his face
Image from Smiley the Blind Therapy Dog via Facebook

Smiley wasn’t just blind, either. He had a slew of other problems as well like dwarfism and other physical ailments. It sure seemed like Smiley’s life was planned out and it wasn’t looking real good.


Then, one day a veterinarian named Joanne George came along and changed everything.

smiley photo of smiling dog with Joanne
Image from Smiley the Blind Therapy Dog via Facebook

You see, Joanne showed up at the puppy mill because it was her job to perform the euthanasias there. Except, when they arrived things quickly changed.


The puppy mill was a nightmare of epic proportions. Joanne and her team could barely enter into the place because the smell was horrific. She resolved in that moment to take action.

smiley adorable photo of smiley smiling
Image from Smiley the Blind Therapy Dog via Facebook

Joanne, along with another vet tech, decided then and there to adopt all 20 dogs they were sent to put down that day. They managed to find homes for every single dog save one — the blind Golden Retriever that no one wanted.

“I just though, ‘He’s mine,'” said Joanne.


It didn’t take long for Joanne to realize she had quite a special boy on her hands. He was so happy to meet everyone and brought them such joy, Joanne signed him up as a therapy dog.

smiley photo of smiley holding out his paw for a high five
Image from Smiley the Blind Therapy Dog via Facebook

Smiley was so good at his job he became quite famous. He even got to meet the Prime Minister.

smiley photo of smiley meeting justin trudeau prime minister of canada
Image from Justin Trudeau via Twitter

Though, here is where we get to a bit of bad news. After spreading love, joy, and smiles for 15 years, Smiley passed away peacefully after a brief stint with cancer.

Just before he passed, though, Joanne took Smiley out for a walk in some freshly fallen snow. And true to Smiley standards, the video brings joy to everyone who watches it.

In the video, you hear Joanne’s voice is very high. At that time, Smiley couldn’t hear very well, either. So, his mom had to use those high tones so he knew where to walk.


We know that it’s heartbreaking that we lost such a wonderful boy. But Smiley’s story isn’t over yet. He has quite a legacy and Joanne even has a new puppy.

smiley photo of new dog sunny with statue of smiley
Image from Smiley the Blind Therapy Dog via Facebook

Meet Sunny, Smiley’s little brother. You see, he doesn’t have any eyes either. He picked up where Smiley left off.

Thousands of people follow Sunny’s page on Facebook. While Sunny’s mom still misses Smiley every day, the family is thrilled to have gotten 15 extraordinary years with an unforgettable dog.


Featured Image (L) from Smiley the Blind Therapy Dog via Facebook and (R) from Smiley the Blind Therapy Dog via Facebook

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