Viral Video Of Chained Dog Sparks Outrage–The Owner Speaks Up

Pup In Danger on I-95

In January 2018, a video went viral, launching an investigation into animal abuse. After the video called attention to this poor pup, the dog’s owner finally spoke.

Brenna Cronin filmed the video and posted it on Facebook. In the film, a pit bull appears chained to the top of a cage. That cage is on a trailer, moving down I-95 in Florida. It looks like the dog struggles to find its center of gravity, and Cronin spotted a brand on the dog’s back leg–the letter “S.” The dog also appears frightened. Inside the cage, it looks as though there are two–possibly more–other dogs. The trailer is hitched to a Chevy SUV.

After the video received more than one million views, the owner spoke out to Action News Jax; he declined to be interviewed on camera. According to him, the dog prefers to ride atop the cage. The owner claims, therefore, that he did nothing wrong. The dog is a Blue American Pitbull Terrier named Zeus. Zeus was along for the ride to go hunting with the other dogs in the hunting box.

The Investigation

Paul Studivant begs to differ. The Operations Manager of the St. Johns County Division of Animal Control, Studivant said they’re working with Flagler County Animal Control. The two departments will conduct an investigation into this video. Studivant reacted to the film by saying it is “Very disturbing to see.”

According to the law in St. Johns County, the transport of uncovered dogs is forbidden. The owner received a ticket for failure to properly tether an animal.

Watch the video and view Cronin’s Facebook post below:

Source: Doggies

Video & Image Source: Brenna Cronin @ Facebook

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