Viral Video Shows Fascinating Moment Between A Fox and An Owl

A viral video out of Coburg Canada near Ontario shows an interaction between a Snowy Owl and a Red Fox that you have to see to believe.


After town spokesperson Ashley Purdy showed up for work on a snowy January morning and noticed animal tracks on the sidewalk, she decided to check the security footage to see if she could figure out what sort of critters were hanging around the night before.

The adorable interaction she ended up stumbling upon quickly went viral as the internet fell in love with two very unlikely friends.

The video starts at around 2 a.m. You can see that the little red fox is just walking along minding his own business on the snowy sidewalk.

However, the little Red Fox is suddenly joined by a gorgeous Snowy Owl who swoops in, startling the fox as he flies overhead.

The owl then flies away again, and it looks like the fox is once again on his own. Although, it doesn’t look like he’s all that happy about it.

The little fox then starts back down the street, and it seems like the excitement was all for naught, as his lonely little footprints follow him down the empty walkway.

But wait! Who is that?

Just as the little fox leaves the screen, suddenly the owl is back. Apparently, the beautiful bird decided the little fox was interesting after all, so she came back. But what would happen next? Snowy owls are birds of prey and are known to sometimes steal prey from foxes, or even eat them if they are small enough.

This little fox, though, doesn’t seem bothered at all that this bird might be hungry. Quite the opposite, in fact. The fox approaches the bird as if to say, “Hello!”

The owl doesn’t move from where she landed. She doesn’t take her eyes off the little fox, either. In my imagination, they are having quite the conversation. Probably about the weather.

It goes on for quite some time. The little fox slowly walks around the owl, and the owl slowly turns and follows the fox’s every step.

Neither of the animals makes a single move as though to hurt the other one. It is easy while watching the exchange, to imagine their little chat.

“Hey man, I like your fur it looks warm,” sure sounds like something an owl would say to a fox.

Then, only a few short minutes after the owl’s first large swoop from the sky, the animals start to make their way home.

The fox stands still as if to say, “see ya,” and walks off towards his next adventure. Leaving the Snowy Owl to watch his new friend’s red tail shuffle off down the walk.

Watch the full video below.

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