Volunteers Band Together To Save Cats That Are Stranded In Texas

When devastation hits, all can look so sad and hopeless.  And then when it’s over, story after story of heroes start emerging.  This is one of those stories.  It involves the people who worked together to help save cats that were going to drown or starve in the Hurricane Harvey waters if help did not arrive.

Hurricane Harvey left thousands of pets stranded.  Many of them were cats.  While cats are so independent by nature, it’s easy to just go after the dogs who need help.  But many caring people banded together to save cats that were soaked and stranded in the flood waters.

A photo taken and posted on August 28 has taken the internet by storm. It is a photo of 6 cats looking cold and drenched.  Thankfully though they were in a cage being transported to safety.

Austin Pets Alive Comes To the Rescue

A local Rescue called Austin Pets Alive (APA) was there to help the stranded cats.  “From the fosters who waited in line for over two hours to help give an animal a safe and dry place to stay, to the amazing donors showing up with carloads of much-needed items, to online funding support – we thank you from the bottom of our hearts,” A spokesperson from APA said.

The people at APA were not about to give up no matter how bad things became. “As we continue to care for the animals we have already saved, we have to prepare for even more animals who will need us in the coming days,” APA said.

It’s so heartwarming to see how people come together during a tragedy to help the helpless animals.  If it weren’t for selfless people giving up their time and putting themselves in harm’s way, many of the Hurricane Harvey cats would have been lost forever.

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