Waiting for the vet to see your pet feels like forever, these cats found a way to pass the time

I think most cat owners would agree, that going to the vet is not fun for their cats. If cats could talk, chances are they would explain how scary it is.  And rightfully so.  Felines often get poked and prodded when they have to go to a doctor’s office. While dogs may also be scared of going to their veterinarian, many dogs will still listen to their owners and sit, stay or basically endure an exam or procedure. Cats, on the other hand, have a flight instinct that takes hold.

One cat owner shared some photos on social media of her cat at a vet visit. The response to that post was overwhelming. Cat owners started sharing their own photos along with sharing experiences of going to the vet. Here is the original post.

Some people thought this cat’s response to being at the vet’s office was hilarious while others felt bad for the cat.  One thing is for sure and that is cats try to hide when they get to the examination room. A common place to hide seems to be the sink or a trash hole.

Some cats tried to get away and climbed up on top of cabinets only to be retrieved down with the aid of ladders or stools. Some cats refused to gracefully come out of their carriers, often biting at the vet or vet tech.

When you take your cat to the vet make sure that you have him or her contained. Cats can be so frightened to leave the safety of their homes that they will go to great measures to try and get away. Even if your cat is in a carrier, you may want to put a harness on him or her.

People Respond With Their Own Photos

Here are some of the responses to the original post about a cat going to the vet.

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