Wall-E Was One Depressed Dog Until One Woman Changed Everything

Nearly everyone who is lucky enough to have a dog in their life understands why they are called, “man’s best friend.” With the holiday season right around the corner, it’s time for a reminder. Dogs are not disposable items when you can’t care for them anymore. They are family, and they suffer greatly when their family rejects them. We want you to meet Wall-E. He was one very depressed dog because his family did exactly that.


Wall-E was like most dogs. He was adopted from the Maricopa County Animal Hospital and lived with his family for several blissful years. Life was perfect for Wall-E. 

Though, things were about to change for Wall-E in the worst possible way. The 6-year-old boy couldn’t understand why suddenly he is in another shelter all alone again — with nothing but the toys he used to play with his family. 

“He was surrendered by his family because they did not have enough time to care for him,” said Jordan Bader, the person that runs the Facebook page for MCACC.


Jordan explained that Wall-E was very scared in his kennel. He said that the poor boy would just bark and bark. Wall-E was all alone in there, you see. He didn’t even have his toys, because there was no room for them. 

 Sadly, the barking didn’t last long. Wall-E quickly fell into a deep depression and refused to respond to people. This led to him sitting there for months with person after person walking right by his enclosure.

This went on for two months before the staff at the shelter decided something needed to happen for the sweet boy. See, they knew what he was capable of. 


Of course, Jordan knew the power of social media when it comes to dogs. He decided to attempt to tug at some heartstrings and get some people interested in Wall-E.

He posted this online.

What happened next was beyond everyone’s wildest dreams.

“We knew this picture would be heartbreaking and would get a lot of attention, but we had no idea it would blow up like it did,” said Jordan. “We had so many people interested in him.”


Lynn Lee was one of the people that saw Wall-E’s photograph. She knew she couldn’t ignore the sweet boy another second. She drove straight to the shelter and the pair bonded instantly.

Wall-E went home with Lynn Lee shortly after that. He went from depressed dog to one happy boy.

…WallE is making himself right at home ❤️ @rybread1988 MCACC West Adoptable Dogs Ryan Lee

Posted by Lynn Lee on Friday, November 30, 2018

Lynn Lee gave Wall-E a second chance and a forever home to grow old in. Just look how happy he is now.

We are so happy for Wall-E and his mom. Please remember, a dog is forever. If you aren’t ready for that commitment, or you are thinking about one for a gift — please consider carefully. We would much rather share stories about happy dogs than sad, depressed dogs.

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Featured Images (L) from MCACC West Adoptable Dogs via Facebook (R) from Lynn Lee via Facebook

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