Pet Owners Warn Others That This Common Item Can Kill Your Pet

Pets, especially dogs, are great at getting into whatever they shouldn’t. From digging holes in the garden to drinking from the toilet, they’re pros at playing the rebel. In most cases, this leads to a mess or a pet-shaming post on social media.

But for Christina Young, the danger became all too real. Who would have thought a bag of chips–or rather, a chip bag–could pose such a threat?

A Day That Started Like Any Other

On February 26, 2018, Christina Young kissed her pit bull, Petey, goodbye and left home to go to work for the day. She didn’t think that this farewell would be the last one.

Christina’s partner, Christian, arrived home from work that day, surprised that Petey wasn’t at the door to say hello. He walked into their home, and that’s when he found Petey.

Petey had passed. Not from natural causes, or eating anything dangerous. After finding a bag of chips on the counter, Petey devoured them and tried to lap up crumbs hiding in the bottom of the bag. Each sniff, each inhale, tightened the bag around his head. Petey suffocated.

Unexpected Loss

Christina and Christian were filled with heartbreak and guilt. They didn’t think that their dog would suffocate in a bag of chips. Petey was smart but yet unable to free himself from the bag.

Christina conducted some research and learned:

  • It only takes 3 minutes for a dog to run out of oxygen.
  • 3-5 pets suffocate each week.
  • Of those suffocations, 42% happen with the owner at home.
  • In 90% of pet suffocation incidents, pet-owners were unaware it was even a possibility until their pets were affected.

Spreading Awareness

Christina shared her story on Facebook to spread awareness of this danger. It’s not just chips either. Owners should look out for bread bags, cereal bags, popcorn bags, and pet treat bags. Any bag is dangerous, but these are the top offenders.

Source: Little Things

Images source: Pixabay

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