Watch As These Two Highly Unlikely Friends Have The Best Day Ever Together

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Dogs as we know them are distant cousins to wolves. They both come from the same genus “Canis,” but dogs belong to the “Familiaris,” category and wolves belong to the “Lupus,” category. The differences between the two, however, generally mean they stay away from each other, at best. Now and then, though, they do come in contact with each other.

Generally, it is not a good idea to allow your dogs near a wolf; the likelihood that the two will attempt to rip each other to shreds is very high. But, luckily for everyone, now and then a wolf and a dog will become the best of friends.

Here’s hoping that there is always a camera around.


This dog is called a Malinois. You can clearly see that there are considerable differences between the Malinois and the wolf. It certainly looks like the two are fighting, but it turns out they are the best of friends.

The dog continually seems to have the upper hand, which is the first clue that this is no fight. If this were a fight, the wolf would have no trouble gaining the upper hand. Cleary, the wolf is letting her little sister merely think she’s winning.

Watch the first video below:



You see, there is an excellent reason that these two aren’t trying to tear each other apart. That wolf has been with the family since she was a pup. They adopted her when she was very small, and she grew up playing with the Malinois.

As you can see, neither one of these animals care that they shouldn’t get along, they just do. This pair of adorable pals is a valuable lesson for everyone. No matter our differences on the outside, it’s what is inside that counts.

When you lead with love, the possibilities are endless. Like these two, you could find yourself on the adventure of a lifetime, if only you reach outside your comfort zone now and then.

As always, love each other relentlessly.

Watch the video below of when these glorious friends started their lives together.

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