Watch: Excited Service Dog Meets His Favorite Toy In 'Real Life'

Are humans the only species to be delighted to meet real-life Disney characters? No—at least, not anymore. Last week, Pluto made Atlas’ night when they met at Disney World. Atlas, a golden retriever service dog, has a favorite toy at home—a chew toy shaped like Disney’s character Pluto.

Atlas Meets Pluto

On Friday, Atlas got the opportunity to meet Pluto in real life, and if his wagging tail was any indication, he was pretty happy about it! Twenty-two-year-old Julian Gavino is Atlas’s human, and after this fateful encounter, told ABC, “Atlas was more than excited to meet his best pal look alike.” Atlas loves his Pluto chew toy at home.

Every week Gavino takes Atlas to Disney World. Atlas helps Gavino get around the park in his wheelchair.Finally, last week, they spotted Pluto at Epcot Center, in the Japan Pavillion. Watch for yourself to see this service dog in bliss to meet his live-action chew toy (don’t worry, Atlas didn’t chew the real-life Pluto).

Atlas’ first reaction was a wagging tail and a snout-to-snout sniff. Pluto got down on Atlas’s level and hugged the golden retriever, who responded with kisses to Pluto’s eyelids.

After their meeting, Gavino posted to Facebook, “It’s safe to say Atlas loves Epcot.”

Atlas is not only a companion but also a service dog to Gavino, who suffers from Ehlers Danilo’s Syndrome type 3. This connective tissue disorder causes pain and even dislocations.

Watch the Clip Below:

Atlas was more than excited to meet his best pal look alike

Posted by Julian Gavino on Friday, January 19, 2018

Gavino is a psychology student at the University of South Florida. Gavino got Atlas through New Horizons Service Dogs in Orange County, near Gavino’s home in Sarasota. Maybe Atlas will get to visit with Pluto on a weekly basis. They could arrange to get together at Epcot every Friday evening, and then once more, Atlas can experience the bliss of encountering the real-life, full-sized version of his favorite toy.

Source: Daily Mail UK Image Source: Pixabay

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