Watch This 'Aggressive' Dog Make Complete Transformation Thanks To This Determined Woman

If the old saying “patience is a virtue,” really is true, then Samantha Browne has just that. By the ton. Browne has received training to understand how dogs communicate and as a “dog listener,” she has helped many dogs, and humans better understand each other.

Image by 22bradshaw via YouTube video

But There Was One Dog Who Captured Her Heart

He’d been given a bad rap that he didn’t deserve. And he was about to be put down if his circumstances didn’t change.

He was quick to bare his teeth and bark loudly and was scheduled to be put down at the South African kennel where Browne discovered him. He’d been found wandering around the open yards of a prison where he allegedly attacked other dogs.

Why Was The Dog So Aggressive?

He was an alpha male, and that meant he took a dim view of anything he considered a threat. Thanks to his aggressive behavior he earned the name Cerberus, after the legendary three-headed dog of Greek mythology who guarded the underworld.

However, Browne knew there was more to Cerberus than meets the eye.

Image by 22bradshaw via YouTube video

The shelter hoped to give Cerberus the time he needed for rehabilitation. People were worried that there was no cure for his aggression. But knowing that Samantha was good with dogs, they decided to give her a chance to see if this gorgeous pooch would trust her. She spent a few days getting to know Cerberus but didn’t enter his kennel. She wanted to give him the chance to get used to her.

Would This Beautiful Dog Accept Her?

Samantha knew she’d need to spend some time with him in the kennel, but she didn’t know if he’d allow her to be the leader or be his friend. But one thing was certain, entering that kennel would push his boundaries. Nevertheless, she calmly entered his space.

Then Cerberus did something that was completely unexpected.

He walked to the other side of the kennel and with his tongue lolling, flopped down.

Image by 22bradshaw via YouTube video

The duo had crossed a major hurdle. Cerberus was happy to accept her as the boss. But some worries remained.

Would This Dog Be Patient With Other People?

When Samantha entered his kennel, she kept quiet. She didn’t try to pet him because he viewed hands as weapons. She just spent time with Cerberus, earned his trust by letting him discover that she wasn’t going to use her hands to harm him. It took her six days, but the days were well spent. Cerberus felt comfortable enough to let her pet him.

Image by 22bradshaw via YouTube video

Samantha decided she could not leave this wonderful boy in South Africa. She traveled with him back to her home in the U.K. as part of her foster dog pack. Here, he had all kinds of room to roam and do things in his own time. He did fine wearing a collar and leash.

When One Dog Becomes Two

It wasn’t long before there was another canine addition. Cerberus had a young son named Charlie, who also needed help. Charlie wasn’t at all aggressive, but he had serious trust issues. So Samantha brought him home also.

But this time, she had help. Because Cerberus was all about teaching Charlie how to be a dog.

Image by 22bradshaw via YouTube video

The change in Cerberus was remarkable. Instead of baring his teeth at people, he was lolling on the grass and asking for belly rubs. The fearful dog became friendly and confident, knowing his place in the world.

And as for Charlie?

He turned into a lovable, friendly ball of puppy and found a home with one of Samantha’s close friends. And Samantha decided not to part with her canine companion and adopted sweet Cerberus.

And this dog’s tail is wagging happily ever after.

You can watch the beautiful story unfold in the videos below.

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