Watch This Amazing Girl Rescue a Butterfly with a Missing Wing


Imgur user Dressgirl200 loves butterflies. She owns several of her own and is quite the expert on their care, as you are about to see. She discovered this stunning 3-day-old Monarch butterfly that was born without a wing on the right side. Without its wing, this beautiful butterfly would surely die much too soon.


Dressgirl200 decided that would not do. She set about gathering supplies so she could repair the damage. She gathered a wire coat hanger, a towel, Q-tips, scissors, talcum powder, and a Monarch wing from a butterfly that died the day before.


Using the coat hanger to hold the butterfly securely in place, she snipped away what was left of the damaged wing. Don’t worry! She assures us that the butterfly didn’t feel a thing; cutting their wings is much like us cutting our hair or fingernails.


Using a very steady hand, Dressgirl200 used the contact cement (a drop the size of a pin) to glue the donor wing onto the damaged wing. She used the talcum powder over the glue so the wing would not stick to something while it dried.


Wow! So, okay, it’s not a perfect match. However, it is close. The truly important part is whether or not the Monarch will be able to fly with the repaired wing. She kept the butterfly safe in her home for a few days while it got used to its new appendage, feeding it homemade nectar and getting ready for its first flight ever.


Unbelievably, the repair worked! Dressgirl200 said the butterfly took a lap around her backyard before landing on a bush for one last photograph before taking off on its cross-country journey. How amazing is that? Who knew you could do this to a butterfly? I know I sure didn’t.

Thank you Dressgirl200 for rescuing this gloriously gorgeous Monarch from certain doom.

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