Watch this mama cat try and leave her kittens- she can’t bring herself to do it


There is just something about a mother’s love. Some have called it the strongest force in the universe. Good mothers of all species will willingly sacrifice their own life without hesitation for their young.

One feral mama cat was so set on defending her kittens that she gave rescue group, Hope For Paws a hard time at rescuing her and her little ones. But with a lot of patience, they got the mama and kittens out of a bad situation and into safe hands.

The rescue took place under an abandoned trailer home. A neighbor had spotted the cat and called animal control. Hope For Paws moved in first to try and capture this feral cat family. They used a live trap. The first attempt did not work because the mama cat didn’t step on the tray that closes the trap door.

The Mama Cat Ran off With One Kitten

Hope For Paws did not give up. In fact, they risked being injured by the protective mama but capturing her kittens by hand. In a last ditch effort to save her kittens, the mama grabbed one kitten and ran off, while rescuers captured the other kittens.

But instead of leaving without the mama and baby, they devised a plan to capture them also. In the end, it was a successful rescue. The kittens have been placed in homes. The feral mama cat has been placed in a feral cat colony after raising her young. Thanks to the caring people at Hope For Paws this is one cat family that got a second chance.

If you have a cat, remember to spay or neuter your pet. Therefore, by doing so, you will ensure that less homeless cats will be in the world. Sadly, most feral cats don’t have happy ending stories like this. Do your part, and let’s help to decrease the number of feral cats in the world

Because this rescue has been caught on tape and shared on YouTube, we can all enjoy it. And don’t forget to share it with an animal loving friend.

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