Sphinx Kittens are more adorable than you think, these cuties will change your mind


So, okay, we realize that when you think of a kitten without hair, in your mind, perhaps it doesn’t seem like that’s going to be very cute at all. After all, we are all used to fluffy, colorful, adorable kittens. What if we told you that we found 30 photos of Sphinx kittens that will undoubtedly change your mind?

Well, whether you love Sphinx kittens, or you think they’re strange — these photos are undeniably adorable.


As a breed, Sphinx kitties came from Canada in the mid-1960s. At first, the genetics that caused the cat’s hairlessness was a mistake.

However, through careful breeding, by the mid-1970s, the Sphinx cat was a breed all its own.

And, as you can see, even without hair, the little ones are cute enough to melt the strongest of hearts. However, if you look close enough, you can see that Sphinx kittens aren’t entirely hairless.

Instead, the kitties come in many colors, and they all have a thin layer of fuzz.


Remember, while Sphinx kittens are great for people with cat allergies — they still need a lot of work.

Check out this tiny little button: 


You see, unless you are ready to tend to your kitty often, a Sphinx kitten might not be for you. Sphinx cats have very sensitive skin. That skin has oils on it that attracts things like pollen, dirt, and dead skin.


So, if you have one of these adorable Sphinx kitties — you must take special care of them.

Check out the eyes on this little cutie:

sphinx kittens
Image from Supersonickittens via Reddit

First, you must help keep their skin clean by wiping them with a washcloth every day — and bathing them at least once a week.

Check out the intense stare on this little one:

In addition to keeping them clean, you must always ensure that a Sphinx kitten is warm enough. Without any hair, Spinx’s need sweaters, blankets, and sunblock if they will be outside.


As you can see, though, all that work is totally worth it.

Who wouldn’t want to wake up to that face every day?

Remember, though; you have to treat the Sphinx kittens skin just like you would a newborn human baby.


One thing is sure: if you find yourself lucky enough to own one of these Sphinx kittens — you are blessed indeed.

Check out a few more just for fun:


Three for the price of one:

Squishy faced little baby:

Sphinx kittens are regal too:

Sphinx kittens are also very playful:

Sometimes, Sphinx kittens even smile:

This one is begging for a nose boop:

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Featured Image Screenshot from peachfuzzsphynx via Instagram (R) Image Screenshot from sphynx_missblue_missebene via Instagram (L) 


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