We Thought The Tasmanian Tiger Went Extinct In 1936, But Several Recent Sightings Indicate We Might Have Been Wrong

Animals become extinct every day. Because of this, the news of the sighting of a previously-thought-extinct Tasmanian Tiger has people especially excited. It was believed that Tasmanian Tigers were hunted to extinction until recent sightings indicate otherwise. Consequently, news of Thylacines still roaming the earth has people searching.

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Thylacines such as the Tasmanian Tiger usually have yellowish-brown fur, strong jaws, a pouch marsupials have for carrying their young.

The Tasmania Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (DPIPWE) have included eight separate reports of thylacine sightings over three years’ time. In 2017, a man was driving through northwest Tasmania when he spotted what was thought to be a thylacine. The Independent reported that he “seemed certain that if it was a cat it was a bloody big one.”

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A Couple Believe With 100% Certainty That They Saw A Thylacine

Two Australians that visited Tasmania in February 2018 told the DPIPWE that they saw a strange-looking animal that had a “stiff tail and striped back.” They added that it, “turned and looked at the vehicle a couple of times” and “was in clear view for 12-15 seconds.” They said that they were “100% certain that the animal they saw was a thylacine.”

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Another sighting reported to DPIPWE that a “cat-like creature,” was spotted. The witness said, “I am accustomed to coming across most animals working on rural farms … and I have never come across an animal anything close to what I saw in Tasmania that day.”

A team of trackers known as the Booth Richardson Tiger Team (BRTT) has been looking for signs of the tiger for over 20 years. Because of the reports, they have recently used trail cameras around the forest of Tasmania to hopefully document the tiger.

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Greg Booth, a BRTT member believes he was face to face with a thylacine on Good Friday of 2015. “I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t sleep for days afterwards,” he told ABC News. “It had a really big head, a really long snout, it had a scar up here [on its head]. Its ears were pointed and it had white around the eyes with dark brown eyes set back in the skull of the animal. It was sitting down and looked at me, I was about eight feet away from it.”

In conclusion, the world awaits concrete evidence that Thylacines still walk the earth. Let’s hope that they do.

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