A Westie And A Rottweiler Got Together Their Unusual Puppies Are Unbelievably Adorable

We see odd couples everywhere. They certainly stick out like a sore thumb: tall and short couples, old and young couples, nerdy guys with pretty girls.

How these two ended up together stumps all of us. This applies to the animal world also. Take a look at these two pups. West Highland terrier named Joey and a Rottweiler named Zara live together.

The bond between the two was always close. Recently it has become closer. The two mated and had the most adorable puppies. The Rottweiler gave birth to a liter of 11 puppies.

Wotties is the name their breed obtained. The dogs’ romance shocked owner Teresa Patterson.

Zara’s size is twice Joey’s. They have different colors and fur types. Even their ears are different. This leaves anybody wondering how the two got together

The Wotties share the size of their father and the ears of their mother. The color is closer to the mother’s.

The fur appears unique. It’s sleek in some spots fluffy in others. These puppies are just adorable!

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