When big dog helps his little friend out in the snow, his dad can not stop laughing

Sometimes we all just need a little help from our friends. And that includes dogs not just humans. Wait until you see how one big dog helped his little dog friend get unstuck from high snow.

This story takes place in Durango, Colorado. The town had recently had a lot of snowfall in one week. To be exact, 80 inches fell. During this time, John Mace looked out to see his neighbor’s tiny dog trying to walk through a large amount of snow to visit his dog. The snow came up to the tiny dog’s head. The pup could not make any progress on moving through the snow.

Photo Credit: Snapshot of John Mace’s YouTube

Wanting to help the poor dog, Mace, enlisted his dog, Kona to help the little pooch. Kona is much larger than the little dog, so she was able to plow through the thick snow much easier. Mace coached Kona to make a path. Kona and the little dog seemed to both realize the rescue attempt that was taking place.

Photo Credit: Snapshot of John Mace’s YouTube

At one point Kona was almost there and then ran back to Mace. With more encouragement from Mace, Kona went back to work at clearing a path. Meanwhile, the little dog also tried to get through the snow, but he was not as successful as his bigger dog friend, Kona.

Rescue Attempt Was Successful!

Finally, the two dogs met, thanks to Kona’s persistence and the little dog was able to follow Kona’s path. Thanks to Mace recording this rescue effort and putting it on YouTube, we can all enjoy it.

According to Mace, the little neighbor dog is about 1 year of age. This is the pup’s first winter. Mace said that it was his 2nd time at getting stuck that day.

Thanks to Kona, there appear to be no worries about the tiny dog getting stuck for too long. Take a look at this adorable snow rescue. Make sure to share it with a friend. It should put a smile on many faces.

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