When This Marine Got Reassigned 70 Miles Away – This Adorable Stray Followed Him On Foot

There are stray dogs in nearly every corner of the globe. Now and then, a rescue story comes across our desks, and we just can’t get enough of it. This is one of those stories. It’s about a resilient, sweet, and adorable stray from Iraq named Nubs and a Marine named Major Brian Dennis.

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Major Dennis was in Iraq and was on his second tour of duty there. His job was to train the Iraqi soldiers. While he traveled between bases on the western border, he saw a large number of dogs. They are commonplace on military bases overseas.

The Iraqi soldiers like to keep them around as an “early warning system.”

While Major Dennis had already met a lot of dogs, there was something special about the pupper that ran up to him one particular day. The dog looked a little funny, as someone had docked his ears, but the pair formed a bond right away. Major Dennis said his whole squad noticed how special Nugs was.

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Sadly, the Iraqi soldiers aren’t always very kind to the stray dogs in the area. Someone told the Major that one of them had docked Nub’s ears. They thought that docking the sweet boy’s ears would make him look “tougher.”


The Major and Nubs quickly formed a bond and became the best of friends. Unfortunately, all too soon, Major Dennis was ordered to go to another post. He was so sad when he learned that he would now be 70 miles away from Nubs.

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It is against military regulation to keep a dog. There was no way that Major Dennis could take him along. The marine was devastated when he pulled away in his Humvee and saw Nubs chasing after him.

Major Dennis tearfully waved goodbye to his best friend as he pulled away, thinking that would be the last time he ever got to see Nubs.

He drove to his new base, 70 miles away with a heavy heart.


It was only a few days later, however, that a Marine from Major Dennis’ platoon came running into his office. The Marine had a huge smile on his face as he told Major Dennis, “there’s someone here to see you.”

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Major Dennis, thinking it must be a human, couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw his best friend. Somehow, and no one knows how Nubs had followed Major Dennis the whole way to his new duty station.

But then Major Dennis got in trouble, and the Marines ordered him to “get rid of the dog.” After all, it is against regulations.


At that point, Major Dennis decided that he and Nubs would stay together. He was on a mission.

With the help of friends, Major Dennis raised enough money to get Nubs shipped to the states. Only after seeing a king’s veterinarian in Jordan, of course.

Nubs stayed with friends of Major Dennis until he came home from Iraq.

Now, Major Dennis and his best friend Nubs enjoy lots and lots of time together in San Diego where they live. Definitely living happily ever after.

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