When wild animals show up and 'ask' for food, we are quick to help

It’s not only in cartoons where you can see wild animals of different species getting along. In North Kawartha Township just north of Peterborough, Ontario a beautiful site was captured. This isn’t something that you are going to see every day, so enjoy this rare site.

A doe and her fawn showed up at an outside table to dine on some food left by humans. But when they arrived turkeys were already at the table enjoying the feast. The mama deer felt that the turkeys were no threat, so she joined them at the table. But her fawn took a little more coaxing until he felt comfortable with eating with these feathered creatures.  Relax a minute and enjoy this cute video of the turkeys and deer eating together.

Deer Walks Right Into Cabin and Shares Doritos With People

Would you share your Doritos with a deer? This may seem like a silly question, but that’s exactly what one couple did when a deer visited them at their cabin. The white-tailed deer was clearly begging for a snack when she arrived at their door. From the looks of how bold and trusting she was, this was obviously not her first rodeo.

Check out how the deer walks right into the cabin, totally unafraid. What makes this even more incredible is that the deer had no fear of the family’s dog either. Dogs and deer are normally natural enemies so the fact that they shared such a close space is something you won’t want to miss.

This wild deer has become tame by being fed. Be careful not to feed wildlife though as it could put them in danger. Not all humans are kind. The deer could walk up to the wrong person or dog and find him or herself in danger. Also, a deer in a home could become spooked and jump out a window and injure himself. While this is cute, it’s best not to feed wildlife.

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