Wild Magpie Befriends Local Couple And Leaves A Mark On Their Hearts


Sometimes, animals come into our lives for a short time. We wish they could stay forever, or at least a long time. But the time that they get to stay was never ours to set. Even though their passing leaves a hole in our hearts, they also leave a lasting impression for the love that they gave. This was the case for a wild magpie and a very special husband and wife couple who cared for her.



Lisa and Pat Boyd rescued a young Magpie in need of help this past spring. They named the bird Sky and cared for her until she was strong enough to be set free. Then as the saying goes, if you love someone you set them free, that’s what Lisa and Pat did with Sky. Much to their delight and surprise, Sky returned 2 days later and became a wild pet to them.


Sky liked to visit people by landing on their heads. Here is Sky with Lisa.

Setting Her Free



Sky Returned 2 Days Later



Sky Had A Special Relationship With Both Lisa And Pat



Lisa and Pat enjoyed the summer with Sky as a wild bird who would come and go as she pleased. They would leave a window open for Sky to enter through, which she did on a daily basis. They also taught Sky how to unlatch a gate. The plan was to buy a similar latch so that she could come in and visit through a window in the winter.


Sky Learned To Unlatch Gates



But sadly, one evening Sky returned to their home with what appeared to be a respiratory infection. She died that night. Lisa and Pat were devastated by the loss of Sky. Anyone who has ever lost a pet can relate to the emptiness that one feels when your pet departs. Even though Sky was wild, she was very much a friend to them both.



Before Sky departed, she started to bring around another Magpie. Sky even brought her bird friend into their house. Lisa and Pat hope that Sky’s friend may visit them again. “We can only hope to find a friendship like we had with Sky. It’s going to be a hard thing to do, but who knows. Perhaps it will happen again,” Lisa said.


Skys friend. Lisa and Pat hope that her friend will visit them again.


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