With Some Creativity And MS Paint, This Cat Dad Places His Pets In Famous Art Pieces


Terri Brittingham and Sean McGoldrick rescued two very special cats. The kitty’s names are Trooper and Bandit. Trooper is a male cat with a disability while his sister Bandit had health issues that have been addressed. Trooper will need to live his whole life with the hips and fused elbows that he was born with. Both are happy, playful and sweet cats. Their owners became inspired by these two felines to create ‘meowfits’ for their cats. Let’s look at what that means.



Terri and Sean use a Paint program that comes with Windows to create outfits for Trooper and Bandit. They then turn the creations into posters and artwork. The results have been thousands of adorably cute and funny photos of the twosome.


“There’s a secret (or not so secret) world of cat fans on social media who like to play and create ‘meowfits’ for our cats,” one of the owners explained.  “It’s all in fun and a good way to kill time and be creative. I don’t have Photoshop, but use the simple standard Paint program that comes with Windows.”



Before we take a look at the following creations, it may be fun for you to know that Trooper has white between his eyes. Bandit has more of a black face. Both are very cute. The creations definitely accentuate their cuteness. Take a look for yourself and enjoy!


With a name like Trooper, this just feels right.



Here is some high fashion for Bandit.



Trooper and Bandit, bikers on the loose.



Bandit sure is stylish.



Trooper sure looks fit here.





Wildcat Trooper



Trooper as James Bond.



No trolls allowed here.



There is just something mysterious about Trooper as a pirate.



Don’t mess with Trooper the biker.



Bandit is a little into Goth.



Trooper likes Goth too.



Bandit poses in swimwear.


Halloween Cats



More Halloween Cats



Forest Cat



Trooper has many hidden talents.



Check out those furry abs.


Bandit is quite the musician.



Trooper loves disco.



Bandit is a cute baseball player.



Look at that pitch!



Bandit has such style and grace.



The lady in red.






Trooper as Elvis



If these images of Trooper and Bandit put a smile on your face, make sure to share with your friends. There can never be too many Trooper and Bandit photos circulating the internet. They are just so cute. And the outfits make them even cuter.

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