Without Warnings At 1 AM Wildfire Engulfed Their Home She Had To Try To Save The Puppy

Not all stories have happy endings.  This is one of them.  However, it does illustrate how much people care about their animals.  Sometimes, we read stories of people abandoning pets at dog parks or throwing puppies in rivers.  So in that sense, this story shows us that some people go to great lengths, sometimes even giving their lives up while trying to save their pets.

George and Lynne Anderson Powell didn’t have time to prepare for the fire that began to surround their Sonoma County home. “We had no warning and at 1 in the morning, we looked up and there was a wall of fire coming over the house,” George Powell said.

In their two separate vehicles, the couple headed out as fast as they could.  But they were not going to leave behind their 4 border collies. Lynne took one of their dogs named Gemma into her car.  George gathered up the other 3 terrified dogs and drove out shortly after his wife.

But then things took a terrible turn for the worst.  “When I went down 15 minutes later, I didn’t know that she had already gone off the road and was consumed by flames,” George explained.  He had made it out safely with the 3 dogs but found out 2 days later that his wife had died.  Police had found her body.  Gemma had died alongside Lynne.

Lynne was trying to save Gemma

“She had gotten out of the car, and she was trying to get Gemma out of the car and she didn’t survive,” George Powell said. “There’s nothing left,” he added. “If I had my way, I would have gone with her. I would have died with her.”

A border collie group that the Powells belonged to are taking care of George now.  They are giving him housing and providing for his needs.  Thankfully, they had good friends all linked to the common love of border collies.  On possibly the only bright side to this story, George explained that “People are helping each other. I’ve never seen such kindness.”

This video shows how bad the fire was in their area.

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