Woman Adopts A Rescue Dog Then Notices A Foul Smell

Kelly Benzel went on a search looking for a new best friend, a dog. Wanting to help a dog that came from a tough background, she took a trip to her local rescue shelter. She desired to give a dog a second chance and show it the love it deserves.

When visiting the shelter, she fell in love with a white pit bull mix, Rocco. She thought he was the perfect dog.  Before adopting him, the shelter did not give her a chance to meet the previous owner.

Although she felt unaware of his history, Benzel still felt overjoyed to give Rocco a new life. As she drove away with her new pup, she realized something was very wrong.

Something about Rocco emitted an awful odor. After pulling over to get a closer look, she saw something utterly shocking.

His owner was previously hiding it with a harness, Rocco had a long laceration across his neck. By the smell, Kelly knew it became infected.

Before going home, they headed straight to the animal hospital.

Helping him on his road to recovery, they bandaged his neck and gave him some medicine.

Benzel learned that his owners forced him to wear a harness since he was young. The material cutting into his flesh, the harness embedded itself into his skin.

Bentzel refused to sit by and wanted justice for her new best friend. She had called the seller and told them about the problem. The heartless and shady person tried to hush her by saying they would pay for the medical treatment. Kelly was having none of it. She then hung up the phone and called the police.

After the police confronted the previous owners they tried to play dumb and say they didn’t know about the injury. They also said the harness was only used to keep Rocco from running away.

Luckily, the previous owners were slapped with a mistreatment of animals charge which resulted in them paying over $1,500 in fines.

Rocco is now happy and healthy in his new home with Kelly!

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