Women Adopts Two Cats With Eye Problems Then Finds Out They Are Siblings

Lola Ayers, a cat lover, has spent lots of time taking care of cats. She believes they all deserve a home and a good family. Lola knows what a bond with these precious felines can be like. Since she enjoys these pets so much, over the years Lola has adopted some cute cats. Recently the kind-hearted woman has taken in two kitties who were siblings and had difficulties with their eye sight.

When she was at the shelter, it was obviously extremely hard for her to pick which cat she would want to spend the next ten to fifteen years with. All of them needed a home, and all of them were just so adorable. But one particular cat stood out to her. His name was Humphrey; he was much different than all the other cats in the shelter. Humphrey had a condition called Microphthalmia, which meant his eyes were a lot smaller than they should be. This also meant he could not see normally. Lola could not resist and immediately adopted him!

Lola commented,

I knew that Humphrey was the one when I first saw him. The way he interacted with me compared to the other cats I’d seen at the shelter, he was immediately attached to me.

Even though she loved Humphrey a lot already, she could not stop thinking about another cat that she saw in the shelter earlier that week. This cat was very similar to Humphrey because he too had eyesight problems. Lola decided to go back to the shelter. When she returned she saw the sweet kitten sitting in his cage looking at her. She knew she had to adopt him. So Lola filled out the adoption papers once more. What she did not know was that this new cat was actually Humphrey’s sibling. Lola named him Edgar.

When the sibling cats are reunited, it was adorable. They play around the house with each other all the time. Neither of them let their eyesight impair them from living normal lives. Lola stated,

They’re both very protective of each other, and they’re always watching to make sure the other is safe. Humphrey is definitely the protector since Edgar can’t see as well.

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