Woman Asks To Adopt The Two Dogs That Have Been At The Shelter The Longest, But She Leaves With Three


Adopting an animal from a shelter is one of the kindest things you can do. I think most would agree with that. But still, when most people adopt, they try to choose the best dog for them. Well, one lady went above and beyond being kind by walking in and saying she’d like to adopt the two dogs that needed her most, without even seeing them first. That meant senior dogs with special needs.


Facebook/Asheville Humane Society

Dogs advanced in years and with issues are usually the hardest to get adopted. That’s why the staff at the Asheville Humane Society were absolutely ecstatic with joy when Leslie walked in with her request.

“Which two dogs have been here the longest, with the most special needs? I’m here to take them both home with me.”


The staff didn’t hesitate in bringing out Brutus and Samantha. 13-year-old Brutus was brought in by his family to be euthanized. But the shelter decided to try and adopt him out instead. He had been there since March with severe separation anxiety.


Facebook/Asheville Humane Society

Brutus And Samantha Finally Got The Home They Deserved


“One of our staff members let him have a little vacation in her office, so he would have someone to be around instead of being in his kennel,” the shelter’s communication and digital fundraising manager, Meredith Pitcairn explained. “She had a hankering for something out of the vending machine. So she took him with her — and that’s when Leslie walked in the door! She came in saying that she wanted to adopt the two longest-staying dogs that had special needs, and the staff member was like ‘Here you go! Here’s Brutus!’”


Facebook/Asheville Humane Society

The other dog, Samantha, also known as Sam was surrendered due to poor health in December 2018. The staff nursed her back to health, and she got adopted. But sadly, she was returned to the shelter in June.


Facebook/Asheville Humane Society

Leslie adopted both dogs. The shelter posted this:

“As she walked them to the car, Leslie talked softly to these two sweet souls, with their creaky joints and grey muzzles, who have been through so much hardship. She told both Sam and Brutus that they now had a family to love them for the rest of their days. And Leslie assured Brutus especially, who panics when left behind, that he would never spend another moment alone ever again.”


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