Woman Caught On Camera Stealing The ‘Shop Cat’ From A Chicago Flower Shop


A 17-year-old cat named Sweet Pea was stolen from Fleur Floral Boutique in Chicago’s Logan Square. Thankfully the thief was caught on video surveillance. Hence, Sweet Pea has been returned. The reason for the woman taking Sweet Pea is quite interesting and confusing too.




Everything was going normal the Monday that Sweet Pea went missing. The cat was resting in bed by the front windows when two ladies came in the shop. They began to pet Sweet Pea. That’s when one of the women stole the cat and left quickly with Sweet Pea.




The surveillance video coverage of the theft was shared on social media. A friend of the lady that took Sweet Pea saw the posts online. She asked her friend to bring the cat back. The shop owner, Kelly Marie Thompson said that the lady was too embarrassed to bring the cat back herself. But she did write her a note about why she took Sweet Pea.




No Charges Have Been Pressed


Apparently the lady thought that Sweet Pea was a stray. She thought that Sweet Pea looked unhealthy. Furthermore, Thompson decided to not press charges. But she wants the lady to know that it was not a smart move to take her cat.




Sweet Pea is now back home safe and sound. She’s back to her normal routine of being cuddled up in her favorite bed in the back of the store.  The whole ordeal was probably traumatic for Sweet Pea. Also, it’s a good guess that it would have been very stressful for her. In addition, cats don’t normally like being taken from their territory and what is familiar to them.




Thankfully, Sweet Pea has a loving human mom who is taking great care of the elderly cat.  “We gave her some food and some medicine and she’s all cuddles,” Thompson said.



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