Authorities Find And Save Almost 300 Animals From Cruel Woman’s Property


A woman is about to receive seven felony charges after starving horses had to be removed from her property. Local authorities are pushing to enforce the cruelty charges against her. As disturbing as these kinds of stories are, it’s important that people see that charges will apply when animals are treated so terribly.


Image Source: News9

The police seized more than 300 animals, which were mostly chickens and rabbits. Officer Kenneth Grant reported that he is surprised that some of the animals could even stand. Many were severely malnourished, famished and nothing but skin and bones. “The rabbits, they all looked healthy till you got your hands on them. Once you got your hands on them, you could feel their ribs. And the same way with the chickens,” Grant said.


Image Source: News9

Approximately 200 rabbits and 100 chickens were found in very dirty cages. They were starved and living in their own waste. These animals could not escape the filthy prisons that they were forced to live in.


Image Source: News9

The Animals Have Been Taken In By Various Rescue Groups


The rabbits were rescued by the Oklahoma Rabbit Rescue. The chickens went to a free-range farm, while the horses went to Blazes Tribute Equine Rescue. Sadly, two horses died. The rest of the horses are recovering as they receive proper food and treatment. Many are still suffering from the effects of starvation and dental diseases.


In this day and age, we all need to stand up for making sure that people who abuse and neglect animals to this degree are punished accordingly. Animal abuse is a crime and it should be treated as such. There simply is no excuse for someone to put animals through this torture. Shelters and rescue groups are all over the country waiting to take in animals needing help.






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