Woman Feeds Treats to Lonely Shelter Dog–Gets Big Surprise When She Returns Home

Everyone loves a love story. This is one for the ages – at least between human and shelter dog. Ted, an Akita-German Shepherd mix, arrived in January of 2017 at the Northwest Territories SPCA in Yellowknife.

“He was scared. It’s a very terrifying place, first off, for dogs and cats,” recalled Abbey Boyd, who works at the SPCA.

Image via screenshot from the website via CBC News

They met the following day during her shift. At first, she tried to take him for a walk, stating that; “He wouldn’t let me take him. Nobody could walk him for a day.” Then, one act of kindness sealed a bond that would last a lifetime.

“I fed him cheese-flavored bacon strips to try to get him to love me,” said Abbey.

Homeward Bound, Shelter Dog Style

After asking one of the shelter maintenance men to build a larger kennel for him, she left for home. Little did Abbey know this shelter dog would do the incredible. Abbey went about her business–she got up at 3 am and went to her job at the airport. Three hours later, upon arriving home, there on the porch sat a dog. She was wary when it started barking at her. She got the gumption to walk past him and into her home. He, however, ran off the porch but stayed on the property.

Abbey lured the dog into her home, only to realize he had the same mark on his nose as Ted, the shelter dog.

“That’s when I realized that it had to be Ted,” she said.

Ted’s Mysterious Journey

It is still a mystery as to how Ted found Abbey. “It doesn’t really make sense, how he would have chosen or found me out of all the smells,” said Abbey. Dogs truly are amazing! The SPCA where she works is located in an industrial area. Through established roads, there are 5.5 kilometers between Abbey’s home and the SPCA.

Image via screen capture from website CBC News

He had to trek past Yellowknife airport, across lakes and ponds – possibly – and through neighborhoods to find Abbey’s house.

“I’m from Yellowknife. Everything’s a sign when it comes to animals.”
– Abbey Boyd

Home At Last!

According to an Akita breeder, these dogs are a ‘one-person dog.’ “I can’t ignore a sign like that. He showed up at my house, out of how many people [that] live here? All the dogs. All the smells. He chose my house. Where I am.” Abbey states.

So what happens next?

Abbey adopted Ted! They go on long walks, and he apparently loves the snow.

Image by Abbey Boyd via screen capture from website CBC News

She finally notes, “[I’m going to] build my bond with him that apparently, he senses more than I do. [He’s] literally sitting on a platter ready to be loved and taken care of. He’s coming with me.”

It’s safe to say this is a love story everyone can get behind. One dogs lonely existence was saved by his love for a human who showed him kindness. We hope to see them live a long and happy life together!!

Featured Image via screen capture from website via Gladwire

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