Woman Gets A Wild Surprise After Leaving Her Backdoor Open During A Wild Storm

Deer are wild animals often seen in the woods and forests. The odds of seeing more than one is high if you live near a wooded area. Anyone who lives near them often finds them a nuisance that ruins their gardens and backyards. If you’ve ever seen Bambi, then you know how adorable baby deer can be. But what if you encountered three of them?

This is a story about a woman named Amscolie and the surprise she found in her house. One day, during the stormy season, she left her back patio door open as a storm rolled in.

A Stormy Surprise

Image by Amscolie

As the storm hit, she went outside to check on her dog, leaving the back door open by accident. Amscolie didn’t realize it was open until the storm had already hit. She was too busy making sure things were in order as the downpour happened. After coming back inside, the surprise that met her was too cute not to document.

On the floor were three adorable fawns that had made it inside out of the storm! They were wet, snuggling together for warmth.

Image by Amscolie

No Stranger to Wildlife

As surprising as it was to find three fawns in her living room, Amscolie was familiar with the fawns. They frequented her neighborhood, and she often wondered where they took shelter during storms.

Image by Amscolie

Fortunately for the fawns, Amscolie and her family love to help raise orphaned wildlife. The fawns dodged the storm, and couldn’t have done it in a better home!

Image by Amscolie

Even though the storm passed quickly, Amscolie thought it best to let them stay in the house during the night. After all, she didn’t want to risk their lives if another storm happened to pass through. Who could say no to this face?

Image by Amscolie

Happy Ending for an Amazing Story

It wasn’t only Amscolie who was used to rescuing wildlife. Her dog, Quinn, has become accustomed to seeing them around the house. Their interactions are adorable and incredible to watch!

Image by Amscolie

Amscolie released them back into the wild. Every now and again they will come to the front door to visit. One, named Alphie, comes up to the door to visit Quinn often. The dog looks up as if to say,

“Let him in!”

Quinn imaged him saying in a post.

Image by Amscolie

Amscolie promised to take care of the babies so long as they needed it. They often come up to her with love and kisses! Isn’t this story amazing? It is incredible how open the three fawns were to human interaction. Luckily, when they need a place to stay, Amscolie was happy to oblige.

Featured Image by Amscolie via Imgur

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