Woman Gets Surprise of a Lifetime After Adopting This Dog

You know that feeling when you see a friend you’ve not seen in years? You feel all warm and fuzzy inside, just like the way you feel when you get a dog. What if you could combine those two?

At the age of ten, Nicole Grimes got a puppy and named her Chloe. Like with any beloved pet, the Grimes family micro-chipped Chloe. Nicole loved her. Chloe loved to bark.

Image Source: Shareably c/o Nicole Renae

The barking wasn’t a problem for the Grimes family until Nicole’s dad started working from home. Chloe’s constant vocalizations led the Grimes family to give their furry friend to a local shelter when Nicole was 14 years old.

Fast-forward seven years. At the age of 21, Nicole is married with a one-year-old child. After much thought about Chloe, and missing having a dog, she decided to get a four-legged friend.

Reunited And It Feels SO Good

Nicole remembered seeing a friend’s post on Facebook about an older dog she needed to rehome. Her friend’s dog reminded Nicole of Chloe, so she decided to adopt her. This new dog’s name? Also Chloe.

It seemed too strange to be true: Could this older dog be the grown-up Chloe from Nicole’s youth? A scan of the pup’s microchip revealed the answer: It was the same dog. “I felt like I won the lottery,” Nicole told WTHR. “I never thought I’d see her again.”

Image Source: WTHR/Nicole Grimes

Source: WTHR

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