Woman Hears Faint Meowing In Car–Then She Opens The Hood

In this fast-paced world, most of us are living, we jump in our vehicles to get to the next destination. With a hundred thoughts on our minds, the last being that we have an unknown passenger on board with us.

A woman in Texas was driving down the road when she heard an unfamiliar sound.  It was coming from somewhere in her car. Upon listening closer, she could hear that it was a meowing of a cat.  She pulled her car over and followed the sound. She could see a cat stuck in the grill section on the front of her car.  With no idea how long the cat had been therefore she thought it may have been in danger. Quickly she called 911 for assistance.

Firefighters are notorious for not only saving people and pets from burning buildings but always giving a hand to those in need.  These Pasadena Firefighters were no exception. With great precision, several worked on freeing the trapped kitten from the car.

A tabby kitten can clearly be seen trapped from a video that was taken of the ordeal and shared below. One firefighter was able to reach his hand in the grill you can hear the kitten cry louder.

It wasn’t long before the firefighters were able to free the helpless victim from its death chamber.  Without delay,  it was safely placed in a box to be taken to the local shelter.

Thanks to the firefighters who came to the rescue, this kitten was given a second chance at life. Firefighters are truly our community heroes.

Please be sure to check your cars before you drive away it could save a life.

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