Woman Makes A Pet Mansion In Her Backyard And We Are LOVING It


Anyone who has dogs and loves them to pieces probably has given many gifts to their dogs. From bones to toys, giving gifts is just one of the ways to show love to dogs. For one woman in California, she not only built her dogs a doghouse, but she did it mansion-style. Just wait until you see this grand dog house!

“My dogs Bruiser the Chihuahua, Marvin the shepherd mix, and The Fuzz my Pomeranian have given me the insurmountable gifts of love, comfort, companionship [and] joy,” Victoria Palmer said. “So this was one way I could do something for them.”


Victoria Palmer

Palmer said that the inspiration for the dream dog house came when she tore down an old shed in her backyard. The cement pad that was left, was just the right size for what she now calls “Barkingham Palace.”


Victoria Palmer

“My father and I love to do home improvement projects and add things to the house when he comes to town,” Palmer said.

“I mentioned building a doghouse for his grandpups and the next thing you know we’re framing doors and windows and drawing up plans for the second floor, buying shingles, and we reached ‘carried away level 1000.'”


Victoria Palmer

The Dog House Even Has Two Stories


When Palmer’s father went back home, she continued on building the dog mansion. She even decorated it Victorian-style. And she didn’t leave any details behind. “The portraits up the grand staircase were planned from the beginning because it’s part of that classical manor house style to have regal portraits of all the important people on the walls,” Palmer said.


From a human’s perspective, the house is a masterpiece and work of art. But what do her dogs think about it? “Bruiser does not come out of it,” Palmer said.

“He’s mastered the stairs and likes to peek out the little window. I have to demand he come over to my house now because he is always locked down in his house like a little hermit.”


Victoria Palmer

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