Woman Notices A Dog Inside A Trash Bag On The Side Of The Road


When Karen Smith was in the midst of her daily drive, her dog started to bark out toward the window. At first, she did not acknowledge his barking because she thought that he may have just seen a squirrel or something of that nature. Once she decided to stop and take a look, she knew something was wrong.


There was a trash bag sitting alongside the road. It was obvious to her that there was something alive in the trash bag. So the kind woman parked her car and ran quickly towards the bag. To her amazement, there was something living in the bag, a dog. Her heart broke when she saw the small, malnourished pet. She was shocked the poor thing wasn’t dead due to its condition. Immediately she took the dog to her car; she knew it needed help.



Smith rushed the poor pooch to the Barren River Animal Welfare Association. Here the dog began its healing process. At the Barren River Animal Welfare Association, they diagnosed him with an awful skin disease, along with a yeast infection. While being treated, Smith named him Arthur.


After several days of treatment, Arthur’s scabs and lesions eventually went away. The sweet dog began to look healthy again. Ever since getting helped, Arthur life has changed for the better. He plays like a normal dog now. Luckily, Arthur gets fed often and no longer has to worry about where his next meal is coming from. Arthur is currently on the mend and will soon be ready for adoption.

But after a few months of care, vets say Arthur will be as healthy as ever and ready to be adopted. This, all thanks to a woman and her pup who was just looking out for one of his own.



Would you stop the car if your dog was making a fuss?  Or would you keep driving?  We need to listen to our pets more often.


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