Woman opens her home to 90+ rescue animals of all kinds–her vet bill every year is enormous


How would you like to share your home with 90 animals of many different species? Well, that’s exactly the life that Adri Rachelle, 31 is living with her rescue animals.


Photo Credit: Adri Rachelle/SWNS

Adri has alpacas, birds, cats, chickens, dogs, ducks, horses, ferrets, geckos, goats, hamsters, lizards, mini cows, mules, parrots, peacocks, pigs, pythons, rabbits, rats, and tortoises. Adri calls her home her “little piece of paradise.” Adri’s home is 11,000 square feet with a 10-foot bed especially made so that her animals can sleep with her. Tree branches were designed into the headboard so that even her birds can sleep next to her. Pigs, rats and more cuddle up on the bed with Adri.


Photo Credit: Adri Rachelle/SWNS

Many of the animals that live with Adri are named after J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings” book. Her mule is named Bilbo Baggins while her spaniel is named Frodo.


Photo Credit: Adri Rachelle/SWNS

Besides caring for, feeding and cleaning up after her animals, Adri also spends over $10,000 per year in feed and vet bills. In addition, she also has purchased and set up cameras throughout her place so that she can monitor activity at all times.


Photo Credit: Adri Rachelle/SWNS

“I’ve Always Loved Animals”


Even though she spends much of her time taking care of her animals, Adri loves the work. Or maybe work isn’t quite the right word. Taking care of the animals seems to be more of a passion than work for Adri. She explains, “I’ve always loved animals. I don’t think anyone is surprised that I’m living like this.”


Photo Credit: Adri Rachelle/SWNS

Adri seems to shine a zest for life when she introduces and talks about her animals. Above all, it is obvious the love that she has for each one of her feathered and furry family members. The animals love her right back and are well adjusted and happy. It just goes to show what a lot of love can do.


Photo Credit: Adri Rachelle/SWNS

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