Druggies Abuse Dog And Use Him For Drugs–Woman Steps In When She Sees Them

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Chloe Cullen of West Yorkshire, England, paid fifty pounds to a group of druggies for a dog.

She came upon the group tormenting a Staffordshire bull terrier. When Chloe came upon them, the group was shouting in the dog’s face, and her legs were full of needle marks. They’d been using her to beg.

Image Source: Twitter/Chloe Cullen

Chloe offered the group money for their next fix if they let her take the dog, and she rescued Bonnie. The group was happy to give Bonnie up for the money because she wouldn’t fight.

Within two days of tweeting about rescuing Bonnie, her message had received 100,000 reactions–likes, retweets, and replies.

<Cullen emphasized that she didn’t tweet about Bonnie to get attention. “I didn’t expect it to blow up Ike it did. Bonnie isn’t an object to be used like her previous life…I love her with all my heart,” she said. She’d tweeted about her rescued pup in hopes that friends and family would see, but the tweet went viral.

Image Source: Twitter/Chloe Cullen

Most of the feedback was positive, but not all. Some accused Cullen of demonizing the homeless, which she refutes. Cullen has set up an Instagram account for Bonnie called Soldier Like Bonnie.

Source: Metro< /p>

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Margaret McNellis
Margaret loves all animals, especially dogs. She enjoys training her Pomeranian to do new tricks such as “Be Cute,” which prompts the pup to lay down and rub her own face with her paws. She is a freelance writer and grad student pursuing her MFA in Fiction. Margaret’s other hobbies include reading, playing piano, and the martial arts.

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