Woman puts her 70 pound dog in a duffel bag and sets out on her bike to escape the wildfire


The wildfires that hit California a couple of years ago were massive and tragic. Even though this catastrophic event happened a while back, people are still talking about it. Let’s take a look at a brave woman named Natosha Wallace who got herself and her 70-pound dog to safety by riding a bike with her dog in a duffel bag.


Natasha Wallace

At the time of the fire, Natosha was a college student. She was driving at 1AM and saw the flames on the highway. She momentarily stopped to watch the fire, but then realized the fire was heading her way rapidly. “It was like a flamethrower,” Wallace recalled. “I knew how fast the fire was going. It was really scary.”


Natasha Wallace

Natosha hurried home and packed some belongings in a bag. She loaded the car with her dog Bentley and the bag. Then she started to drive. Soon Natosha realized that driving was too dangerous. The traffic was at a standstill, and the fire was getting closer.


“I sat in my car for about two minutes, and I could see the fire getting closer. I said, ‘I’m not burning in my car,’” Natosha explained. “So, I turned around and went back to the house.”


Natosha made a move next that may have saved her and her dog. She decided that she and Bentley would get out on a bike. “I knew the only thing that mattered was my dog”, Natosha said.


Natasha Wallace

Bentley Did Exactly As Natosha Asked.


But how does one travel on a bicycle with a 70-pound dog? “I emptied out a duffel bag that had clothes and some of my belongings,” Natosha said.

“I told Bentley to sit inside, and he just hopped right in. It’s like he understood the situation. He knew something was wrong.”


Natasha Wallace

Then Natosha started pedaling with Bentley in the duffel bag around her neck. “It was hard. I was trying to avoid the branches and everything on the road. The first 2 miles were OK. I was going off pure adrenaline, or supermom strength,” she said. “Bentley just sat there the whole time, like a super good boy.”


Natasha Wallace

Soon a truck came by and drove them to the safety of a shelter. Natosha is so thankful that she and Bentley survived.

“You can pack hundreds of dollars worth of material things, but my dog is priceless.”




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