Woman Saves Kitten From Highway And Realizes She's Actually A Bobcat

Jill Hicks of Chattanooga, Tennesee was not expecting to see a small animal run across the road and into traffic. She hit her brakes to avoid hitting the little creature.

Jill Hicks

“I thought it was a baby bunny at first just because the fur was so fluffy,” Hicks said. “I got closer and I realized that it was a tiny kitten.” She continued, “I pulled over and opened my car door and left it open so that traffic would slow down. And I went toward the kitten.”

Jill Hicks

Hicks scooped the kitten up so she wouldn’t be hit by a car. “I wrapped her up in a sweater that I had in the car with me, and held her close to me,” Hicks said. “I was thinking it was a kitten somebody had tossed out. so I thought there may be more. So I was calling for other cats, saying, ‘Kitty, kitty, kitty,’ thinking more kittens would come to me. But I never saw a mom or more babies.”

Jill Hicks Jill Hicks

The Little Cat Was Happy To Be Off The Road

Hicks took the little cat back to her home.“I put her in the car with me, and she climbed all over me, climbed around the back of my neck, got into the passenger seat,” Hicks said. “I had to pull over a couple of times to get her situated, and I finally got her on my lap, wrapped up in the sweater and got her calm. And I was loving on her and petting her.”

Jill Hicks Jill Hicks

Hicks set up an area for the kitten in the garage. She made sure to put out a litterbox, along with food and water. For a bed, she used a cardboard box with a sweater inside the box.

Jill Hicks

Hicks posted a photo on Facebook asking if anyone wanted to adopt her. Then she went out for dinner. When she returned she read all of the posts on Facebook saying that the kitten was actually a bobcat.

For Fox Sake Wildlife Rescue For Fox Sake Wildlife Rescue

Hicks knew that the kitten would do better in rescue, so that’s where she took her. But Hicks will hold onto her memory in her heart. “She stole a little piece of my heart that day, and she’ll have it forever,” Hicks said.

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