Woman saves the day and carries wounded dog up the mountain


When Andi Davis was on a hike, she noticed something while going uphill. She looked over and there sat a wounded animal that needed help. Although they were pretty far off the grid, she felt the need to help the animal. When she was unsure of what to do, the animal collapsed and she ran over to it.

When she walked closer, she noticed the animal was a Pit Bull. Also, the poor pup had bullet holes throughout its body. She was shocked. Then the women offered the dog some water, which it took. What Davis did next was amazing.


After spending a minute trying to figure out how to help the wounded dog, Davis picked it up and carried the 47-pound dog down the mountain. Every once and a while she would stop to give him water.


Once she walked for about an hour, Davis finally got to the bottom of the mountain. Her husband and daughter were waiting for her. Then they immediately went to the Arizona Humane Society.

When they got there, the vets took the Pitbull back and began to help him. The vets took out bullets from his abdominal area and near his spinal cord. Also, they took out a bullet in his neck bone.

Davis’ daughter, Jessi, adds,


“When my mom found our new dog on the mountain, my heart broke at the first sight of him. He was torn up. Everywhere.” 

Even though the journey was long and tiring, it was worth it for Davis. She saved a dog’s life. Later, she and her family ended up adopting the adorable Pitbull. They named him Elijah. Now he like every other dog, playful and lively!


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