Woman Takes A Chance On Sick Dog Found Roaming The Streets When No One Else Would

Here at Animals Being Cute, we love to bring you happy stories about animals. However, it is also crucial at this time in our world to take a stand and tell the truth about the plight of some animals. Sometimes, these stories are not easy to read. How anyone can abuse a helpless animal is beyond our comprehension.

Until all animal abuse ends, though, we will continue to bring you the hard stories, as well. It’s important for people to understand the need that exists for kind-hearted people around the globe to help animals that have no voice otherwise.


Mexico City is home to millions of people and thousands of stray animals. We don’t know for sure that the boy you are about to meet suffered abuse. We do know, however, that he was horribly neglected. Hundreds of people would have passed him on the street. It was so obvious he needed someone, anyone, to give him some assistance.

He was in terrible shape. He was covered head to toe in tumors and was too weak to stand.

Image via We Love Animals

It was clear to anyone who cared to look that if this dog didn’t get help soon, he was going to die. Luckily, just in the nick of time, an animal activist names Dalia stepped in.

Dalia found the sick boy on the street and rushed him to her local animal shelter for help.


Dalia gave the ailing pupper the name Boby.

Image via We Love Animals

The doctors at the shelter recommended immediate and intensive chemotherapy for Boby. The treatment was so aggressive; the doctors were not sure he would survive.

He didn’t stand a chance otherwise, however. So, Boby, with his new foster mom by his side, started treatment.


It didn’t take long at all for the chemo to work. Not only did the tumors melt away, but Boby started to grow back some luscious and beautiful fur.

Image via We Love Animals

As a result of his astonishing story, Boby became quite a local celebrity in Mexico City. Dalia wasn’t quite ready to let him go yet, but his adoptive parents had a different idea.

Image via We Love Animals

Suddenly, Boby was getting all the attention he will ever need. Thanks to the efforts of one extraordinary hero named Dalia, Boby found a forever home with parents who love him to the moon and back.

Never again will Boby suffer alone right under the noses of passerby too busy to care.

Luckily, there are people like Dalia all over the world. Never count on that person being around, though. In my ideal world, everyone that reads these words will go out into the world and be that person.

Be like Dalia. Stop and give a hand, even if it might be slightly inconvenient. You never know how many worlds you may change in the process.

Share this with everyone you know to inspire them to make a difference for someone in need today.

Whether it’s for animals or people, what do you do to help make the world a better place today? Tell me in the comments. Let’s get some good deeds going, folks.

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