Woman Wakes Up To Find A Coyote Standing In Her Bedroom

We’ve all been woke up in the middle of the night by a noise we aren’t sure about.  But when this woman woke up to the strange noises she never expected this.

She first heard the noises around 4AM , it was still dark out  and she thought it was her pets making the noises.

Bonnie didn’t realize the ruckus was being made by an unexpected intruder.

Her dog finally gave in and decided to to explore the commotion, suddenly Bonnie seen what she was up against…a coyote.

Finally able to she screamed as loud as she could and woke up her kids.  They all corralled the coyote so it couldn’t move around the house.  Bonnie quickly called the authorities.

We can’t lie, we would have freaked out in much the same way.

Bonnie believes the coyote must have entered the house through a back door since it wasn’t bolted shut.  She thinks he might have lunged at the door and it slowly creaked open.

The policemen arrived with the humane dog catcher poles and they were able to remove the coyote before any harm came to Bonnie or her family.

Having a coyote in your house may sound like a  disaster but this family did the right thing.  They called the people that could help.  Please do not ever corner a wild animal without proper backup.   The coyote was released back into the woods to live out the rest of his existence without another possible disaster.

I have been woke up by squirrels in the attic but that was minor compared to a coyote. Have you ever experienced any wild animal making themselves at home in your home?

Give your friends and family a heads up on what to look for if this ever happens in their house.  You may just save their lives.

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