Woman's dying wish is to give her best friend one final goodbye

Dying wishes often include going somewhere or doing something that costs money. Maybe traveling to see the ocean one last time or for a child a week at Disney Land. For one woman, all she wanted was to see her cat. Thankfully, loved ones and a compassionate hospital staff obliged and granted her wish.

According to the grandson of the elderly woman, she wanted to see and hold her cat, Oliver one more time. Oliver was her best friend. They had been separated because the woman was in the hospital. With only a few days left to live, the hospital staff agreed to allow the family to bring the cat in.

As you can probably imagine, a cat may be frightened in a hospital setting. At first, Oliver was a bit scared. For Oliver, seeing his favorite person with tubes going in her may have been scary. However, when you look at the photos and the look on the woman’s face, Oliver clearly made her feel at peace.  Oliver also seemed to snuggle down and relax. Just look at this next photo.

Oliver Settles In And The Two Best Friends Have A Moment Together

God bless the hospital staff for allowing this kitty into the hospital and for granting a dying woman, her final wish. This may have been all that the woman needed to let go of this world. She surely must have gone through some suffering and just to hold her cat one more time must have been wonderful.

How to do you feel about animals coming into a hospital to see their favorite human? Some people believe final wishes should be granted and all attempts made to reunite pets with dying individuals. But what about people who are fighting cancer and other illnesses with a chance of survival? A visit from their pet may just be the push that they need to hang on and fight longer.

Thankfully, there are hospitals out there who extend compassion by allowing dying or ill humans to visit with their pets.

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