Women finds the cutest kittens in her backyard–she immediately falls in love


Often, people look for purebred breeds. Or they even look for a certain size pet. Sometimes it comes down to the color. When adopting a pet of any type, people need to realize that having the ideal animal is not the ideal way to search for a pet. So many cats and dogs are homeless. Sure, these animals may not be exactly what you are looking for physically, but their hearts are just as big as any other animals. Sometimes they are even bigger.


When you are looking for the perfect pet it can be exhausting trying to find exactly what you want. But if you were to just go to your local shelter with an open mind, you could find so many adorable pets without looking too hard! For some people, it is even easier than that! One particular lady was sitting in her backyard when she noticed two kittens playing with each other. This lady was very curious about them. So she walked over to where the adorable little kittens were playing. When she finally got a closer look, she noticed both kittens had issues with their eyes.

So she knew she had to do something to help them. When she took them to the vet, the vet told her both kittens were born with eye deformities. Although one kitty had one good eye, their eyelids were reversed. So their eyelashes would rub against their eyes.


Even though these adorable kitties were not what the lady was looking for originally, she fell in love with them. After deciding to adopt them, she named the two Stevie and Isaak. They are now the best pets ever!


If you want to learn more about the adorable pair, please watch the video below. Maybe you too will want to adopt!

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