Company implements new policy at the office to relieve stress on workers

Working can be extremely stressful. For anyone that works in this modern age, expectations have grown. As a worker, you are responsible for so much with so little time. The hours required of workers is well over 40 hours a week. The retirement age is higher than it has ever been. So what is the solution?

Although this solution surely does not fix how much people work, it helps people be less stressed while at work. A company in Japan recently came up with a brand new plan to help workers be less stressed out. In fact, they already implemented it.

Ferray, an IT company based out of Japan, recently added on some new members to their staff. They are not just any old workers. These new members are cats!

Yep, that is right, cats! The company acknowledged the amount of stress their workers were under. So they decided to create the “kitty policy.” This brand new policy allows employees to bring in their adorable kitties.

So many of the workers appreciated this new opportunity. They believe it will truly help them be less stressed out during their workday. Eri, an employee of Ferray, comments,

“Cats are sleeping just beside us… It’s healing.”

Fukuda, the owner of the company, said there are very few issues with the cats. But he mentions one:

“Sometimes a cat will walk on a phone and cut off the call, or they shut down the computers by walking onto the off switch.”

Once they had the cats in the office for a bit of time, the company decided to take the “kitty policy” one step further by offering employees bonuses for adopting cats. How cool!

If you think this company is treating their employees right, like and share this post! Who needs a stressful work life when you can have cats at your pleasure!

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