Workers Watch Woman Dump Container, Then Spot Tiny Heads Peaking Out

Whether it’s hot or cold animals are subject to the elements just like you and I.  This is a reminder that abandoning unwanted animals on the street, without the proper care, is illegal.

If you feel that you need to give up your pet, there are safe ways to do so!

So when a woman in a black vehicle pulled up at the Southeast Volusia Humane Society and dumped a container in the parking lot on a day when the temperature was nearly 100 degrees the staff there feared the worst.

One worker saw a tiny black head pop up between the flaps of the container and quickly realized nine kittens were inside. She ran over and saw them in bad shape: suffering from heat exhaustion and just minutes from death.

They had to act quickly or the kittens would not survive. Time was of the essence!

Quickly, the little kittens were brought inside and given water, formula and cold towels by the staff. It took nearly two hours for their body temperatures to reach a normal level again.

Thanks to the quick response of the staff there the kittens were safe.  They are now with a foster family, but it will take some time before they are available for adoption. According to the humane society, they are thriving!

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