Wow, Man Gives Up Everything He Owns To Travel Across The Continent With His Favorite Cat

Since they left their hometown in May 2015, Rich has been serving as a chauffeur, cuddle buddy, and snack provider to his rescue cat, Willow.  Willow has traveled more than 50,000 kilometers all over Australia with her owner Rich by her side.

Rich had been dreaming of taking this trip all of his life, but he could not bear to leave his little kitten behind. He sold his house and everything he owned. Rich quit his job and set out on the adventure of a lifetime with little Willow.

After Willow’s completion of visiting all Australian states and territories, Rich and Willow finally arrived in South Australia in February 2017. Rich says he could not imagine taking this trip without her. Together they have experienced so many amazing things.

Some people question his choice to bring Willow, but Rich says that Willow is so chilled out and is in love with her life. Rich has a tracking collar on Willow to ensure that she stays safe. He keeps her on a leash the majority of the time, but the collar allows Rich’s mind to be at ease. He knows if Willow decides to venture off he will know exactly where she is.

Rich loves sharing their trip with the world. What really keeps him motivated is hearing people say they saw his posts and it brightened their day. They have become custom to the traveling life and spend their days at the beaches and in the wilderness. Willow and Rich plan to continue traveling and make it their life. 

I would love to take a trip like this with my pet if you agree, share with your friends.

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