X-ray Only Shows 3 Puppies, Owner Is Still In Shock After This Pops Out

Recently Miley and Astro the Dalmatians became first-time parents. During the pregnancy vets did X-rays and ultrasounds and determined Miley would birth 3 puppies.  But you are about to see that the vet was way off.

Cecilia Langton-Bunkergot, Miley’s owner is still in complete shock as she tells us about the day Miley went into labor.  As the labor went normally for Miley and she had birthed the 3 puppies that she was carrying Cecilia thought Miley was finally done.

But after almost 14 hours,  the incredible new mother popped out 15 more.

The humungous litter of 18 (12 girls and six boys ) broke the record for the largest single litter ever delivered!

It’s hard not to compare this tale to Disney’s 101 Dalmations.  In the movie, Perdita gave birth to 15 spotless puppies.  But Miley’s litter surpassed that by 3 puppies. The only thing missing in this real life 101 Dalmations is Cruella Deville.  These puppies are 6 weeks old now and are healthy, strong cute puppies.  All 18 have already been adopted into loving families.

Meet the record-breaking spotted family in the video below, and please SHARE with your friends

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