Yellow Lab Goes Missing After Intense Snowfall, Four Days Later They Find Her

Posted on Friday, Albert Silver announced that his 13-year-old yellow lab Sophie went missing. He said in his post that while they shoveled their driveway, and she wandered off and never came back.

As the days went on, temperatures dropped to record lows. Silver and his family felt hopeless. The Silver family, volunteers, animal control, and their neighbors spent days searching for the senior dog.

“We looked on foot and by snowmobile and by car,” Silver recalled, “We felt pretty convinced that she had gone somewhere to die.”

 At 10 am, they saw the best thing they could. While at a camp down the road from their house, searchers saw Sophie’s head poke out of the snow. When they looked closer, they saw the dog completely buried in snow. She had managed to bury herself in the snow and survived for five days. After getting her out, the family drove her to the vet. Luckily, the sweet lab only lost five pounds with no other harm to her body. After becoming so hopeless, the family felt so happy they found Sophie. She is now back home, warm and cozy. The family is grateful for everyone involved in searching for their precious pup. Upvote Downvote

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