You Only Had One Job — 12 Dogs Bred For A Specific Job That Do Anything But


As we all know, it was recently #Nationaldogday. And everyone loves dogs, so of course, they even celebrate across the pond in England. Well, the Museum of English Rural Life (MERL) observed the day in a super unique, and as it turns out — hilarious way. The post went viral because people couldn’t get enough.

Although some of us forget, most dogs were bred to perform certain tasks. We know, for example, that hound dogs are excellent hunters. What we don’t really talk about much these days is what happens to those dogs when they don’t have a job. What, exactly, do these well-bred machines do with themselves all day?


So, to check for themselves, the people at the MERL posted the following on Twitter:

Luckily for us, the wonderful people of the English countryside responded in force. Some of the dogs even had a job at one point, but now they have a cute outfit.

A few of the dogs never made it into the job market they were bred for, let alone work there long enough to retire.


One thing is the same for all these dogs — it doesn’t matter if they held a job before or not, they are all adorable and hilarious.


Whatever these dogs were bred to do, we know that their parents love them no matter what.

This is one of our very favorites from the whole bunch.

That guy in the photo above still looks like he could knock a fellow off a horse. He doesn’t look very interested in doing so, however.

Every one of these dogs is absolutely beautiful, no matter what they are doing — or not doing.

The people of England sure did deliver when they shared their amazing dogs with the MERL.

Thank you MERL, and thank you to the people of England for allowing us to learn all about the “working” dogs that live in that beautiful country. Here’s a few more, because they are just too adorable.

Last, but not least, there’s Baxter.

Do you have a hilarious “working dog” story? Tell us about it in the comments.

Featured Images from The English Museum of Rural Life via Twitter

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