You Will Melt Over These Adorable Baby Meerkat Pictures Taken By A Japanese Photographer


Meerkats are shy animals at heart. They are deeply devoted to their family and usually see others as threats. That’s what makes the photographs captured recently by a Japanese photographer so special. The photographer who goes by the screen name of mamekoro51 got some great shots of a baby meerkat. The photographs taken have become an internet sensation. Let’s take a look.



The photographer captured these incredible shots at Inokashira Natural Cultural Park in Musashino City, Tokyo. When she looked in the meerkat enclosure she saw some adorable pups that were just born. That’s when she started clicking away on her camera.



A challenge was presented to her because the baby meerkat that she was trying to photograph was very shy. It took a lot of patience, but the payoff was well worth it.



About Meerkats


Meerkats live in family groups called “mobs” or “clans”. These clans can be made up of approximately 20 meerkats. But sometimes they can be as high as 50 animals in a clan. The mother meerkat will give birth to multiple pups. She is the one who teaches them all how to survive. She will teach them skills such as how to safely eat a scorpion without getting stung.



About The Tokyo Zoo


The Tokyo Zoo is known for its conservation of Japanese animals. They especially help to conserve and protect native squirrels and Mandarin ducks. If you visit this zoo you will be treated to botanical gardens and ponds. Of course, they also house meerkats. Make sure to check out the Tokyo Zoo if you are in the area. You won’t be disappointed. Make sure to have your camera ready for those adorable Meerkats!



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