You Will Melt Over This Blind Golden Retriever With His Very Own Seeing-Eye Dog

If it weren’t for seeing eye dogs, many people would not have the freedom and mobility that they do. Dogs can be a blessing in so many ways to people. But dogs can also be a blessing to other dogs as this story is about to reveal. Let’s take a look at the life of a blind dog, named Jake and his seeing eye dog friend named Addie.

Jake’s owner explains how this story unfolds. “We got Jake after our previous Golden Molly passed away and Addie came into our lives after our Golden Wrigley died. Jake was very sad after his buddy was gone and we knew he needed a sibling,” he said.

Jake was like any other dog until his owner noticed that Jake wasn’t producing tears. He took him to the vet and treatments were done, but Jake’s condition deteriorated. “Over the subsequent months, in spite of trying every medication recommended by our vet’s eye specialist as well as multiple surgeries, his eyes steadily deteriorated,” Jake’s human said.

Jake’s family was faced with the painful decision of having his eyes removed or putting him to sleep. They chose to have his eyes removed. That is when Addie stepped in as Jake’s guardian angel.

Addie Became Jake’s Guide Dog

“Jake follows Addie’s sound and smell. After Jake’s surgery, Addie wore a little bell on her collar for a while until he got used to tracking her on his own,” Jake’s owner said.

Life is not perfect for Jake, but he is doing great and enjoying life. “He still bumps into things now and then, but he also navigates the house and our neighborhood walks with surprising ease. And thankfully, his playful nature has returned!” Jake’s human explained.

The story of Jake’s life could have ended prematurely if he was put to sleep. Instead, he has a new lease on life thanks to Addie, his personal seeing eye dog and friend.

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